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Inspired by the dynamism of Dubai’s economy and the ever-evolving global landscape, DDX Global’s vision is to support clients who wish to tokenize their global real-world property.

The company aims to enhance opportunities for a wider audience by making high-quality real estate assets available for investment in the form of tokens, which can be easily accessed and traded by global investors.

Real estate tokenization is a process of digitizing traditional real estate assets that can be safely traded on the blockchain without the need of a third party. This improves the liquidity of the property and facilitates the investment opportunity.

DDX Global Management Bio’s


An experienced CEO &
Fintech business leader,
Wim has a proven ability
to foresee and capitalize
on fintech trends – leading
strategic acquisitions, the
development of market
leading technology, and
the building and
international expansion of
the associated businesses
and teams.

Wim Grobler
Chief Executive Officer
CS v3

Chris has worked on large
scale, enterprise
transformation programs,
enabling organizations to
adopt new technology that
delivers tangible business
benefits. From project and
engagement management
to strategy and analysis,
he brings broad
governance experience
across the full program

Chris Santilhano
Chief Operating Officer

Albert brings over 30
years’ experience as a
global business leader,
specializing in
management and high￾level marketing in various
industries including
telecoms and insurance.
His strategic vision has
enabled him to develop
successful companies and
generate multi-billion￾dollar revenues.

Albert Weiglhofer
Chief Commercial Officer

Kobie is a strategic C￾Level Industry
professional with over 35
years’ experience in the
Telco, Banking, Mobile
Commerce, Crypto and
Payment technology
solutions business
sectors. He has a wealth
of local and international
experience which adds
value to enabling and
contributing to the
business strategy.

Kobie Coetzee
Chief Technology Officer

Vanessa’s legal career has spanned some 20 years, both in practice as an advocate and thereafter as legal counsel to various international corporations engaged in infrastructural development, paper and pulp industry and information technology consulting. Her international experience in diverse industries, with specific interests in compliance, governance, and intellectual property, contributes to business outcomes.

Vanessa Weiglhofer
Chief Legal Officer

Lea has worked in multiple
start-up companies across
numerous industries,
launching products and
services in multiple African
countries, including South
Africa. She brings over 19
years’ experience as a
marketing professional in the
technology and
industries. Her passion for
multi-disciplinary marketing
supports business objectives.

Lea van Coller
Chief Marketing Officer

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Corporate Presentation

Last updated: 9th of December 2023

Executive Summary

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English Litepaper

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German Litepaper

Last updated: 23rd of December 2023

DDX Global Roadmap

Last updated: 9th of December 2023

Global Property Info Pack

Last updated: 9th of December 2023

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DDX Global is a Dubai based tokenization consultancy involved in real estate projects and gold tokenization.

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