What is tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of splitting an asset into smaller parts and representing those parts as digital records stored on a blockchain. If the blockchain supports smart contracts (think “if this happens, then do that”), then tokenization enables automation as well as very robust record keeping.

The combination of these factors can then be used to increase liquidity and operational efficiencies in real estate transactions. For example, if title deeds to property were stored on a blockchain and smart contracts were in place to buy or sell a property, then it could be done within minutes if all the requirements for a sale were met.

Is tokenization legal everywhere?

Almost certainly not. This is an emerging trend across the world, but regulatory frameworks and property rights vary massively. So, for some of the more advanced markets, like Dubai, it is actively being explored and encouraged. In contrast, there are parts of Africa where land rights are “minimal.” Over time, we expect this technology to become foundational to nearly all property transactions across the developed world.

Do I need to be wealthy to be involved in the tokenization projects?

No, although participation may be subject to the rules relating to blockchain technologies specific to your home country.

If you are the owner of a remarkably high value asset and you are interested in tokenization, then please get in touch here.

How can I partake in the tokenization trend?

There will be more projects globally that allow participation. At this stage, our ecosystem partners are helping us to build our community and scale up our ecosystem.

How does tokenomics work?

We have an interesting and informational third-party blog post, click here to read more.

What client projects are in the pipeline?

There are currently 3 iconic projects in planning, all part of the “Island Project”. This comprises Desert Pearl, Infinity, and Solace. The property projects include land, hotels, apartments and more.

What is Desert Pearl and where will it be?

The ‘Island Project’ comprises Desert Pearl and is the first planned real estate tokenization client project in the DDX Global pipeline. The project will be constructed in Dubai – the precise location is still being finalized.

Desert Pearl is envisaged as a luxury integrated community. It will feature several state-of-the-art amenities and futuristic design elements – all inspired by the rich heritage of the city.

Who designed Desert Pearl?

We have partnered with Zhuzh Designs who have conceptualized the ‘Island Project’ – Desert Pearl, Infinity and Solace, these projects can be seen on our official YouTube channel. Zhuzh Designs are a luxury architecture and interior design company based in Dubai, with offices in Malaysia, USA, and Australia.

Who will the Desert Pearl developer be?

We are working on the partnership ecosystem planning phase and these details will be released in due course.

Does the Desert Pearl align with the Dubai Urban plan?

The ‘Island Project’, specifically Desert Pearl, has been designed, from the start, to contribute towards some of the goals of the Dubai Urban Plan 2040 and the Dubai Economic Agenda 2033, particularly around the tourism activities and green spaces outcomes. In addition, this project aims to create extra jobs in the Dubai region.

Will the Desert Pearl project follow a sustainable approach?

Zhuzh Designs envisions the project taking a first principles approach to sustainability. Features in the architecture plans include the creation of deep overhangs to mitigate direct sunlight on glazing (reducing solar heat gain), good thermal mass to moderate extreme temperatures and in-slab cooling for more effective temperature management.

The apartments will be designed for cross ventilation when the weather permits, constructed with low carbon steel and concrete, and where possible, the

What does Desert Pearl consist of?

The planned resort is to have two equally luxurious sectors: the 5 Dunes, and the Pearl. The Pearl will be home to a luxury boutique hotel, the Pearl Auditorium, Astronomy Museum, The Oasis Tea Garden, and a Poolside Lounge. The videos on the DDX Global social platforms display the planned visuals for Desert Pearl, click here to view.

What is Pearl City?

The Pearl itself is planned to highlight Arabic culture with an Astronomy Museum, the ‘Pearl Auditorium’ for live performances, and a magnificent water feature aptly named ‘The Oasis.’ These features will be accompanied by a luxury boutique hotel, to be called the Oasis Hotel.

What and where is the Oasis Hotel?

The planned Oasis Hotel is envisioned to be a 6-star luxury hotel found in the Pearl and has been designed to reflect the beauty of the Arabic desert landscape.

The Oasis Tea Garden Lounge and Poolside Lounge aim to offer secluded places to meet, each customized to embody the essence of an oasis.

The Presidential suite is a planned duplex complete with private amenities, created with luxury in mind.

What are the 5 Dunes?

The dunes are the buildings that are planned to surround the Pearl.

The 5 Dunes will comprise two hotels, one 6-star and one 5-star, co-branded luxury suites and luxury apartments. There are also plans for an underground retail street, a waterfront boulevard, and a selection of lifestyle restaurants.

Is the design of Desert Pearl final?

Not completely – it will only be final once the partnership network has been agreed upon.

When is the next project launch?

We have not officially launched any client projects. We held a project teaser kickoff where insight was provided into what participants in the ecosystem may expect in terms of planned client projects in the real estate sector. DDX Global have attended numerous events over the past few months. Most notably in Dubai, Budapest, and Switzerland. To see the planned ‘Island Project,’ visit the DDX Global official YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi4wUHiPcco

What is the timeline for the Desert Pearl project?

As a tokenization consultancy, we are finalising the property designs and onboarding partners into our ecosystem. In parallel we are working on a Whitepaper and are on the compliance/full licencing approval journey.

What is Infinity/Fashion Tower?

This is a future client project, designed by Zhuzh Designs that features in the DDX Global planned client projects pipeline.

Infinity is planned to be a culmination of Fashion, Art, Culture, Architecture and Ultimate Lifestyle. The plan is to build luxury apartments, a 6-star hotel, several restaurants and entertainment areas based around premium brands.

What is Solace?

Another future planned client project, designed by Zhuzh Designs for DDX Global to present to companies, Solace is planned to be a 120m mega-yacht that will offer ultimate luxury and privacy.

Why are you marketing the property when the land has not been finalised?

We are sharing the company and design vision with our community to build awareness. This is a common strategy for our property developer clients as it speeds up the process of adding value to the land.