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In recent years, the cryptocurrency surge has fundamentally transformed the financial realm, resulting in the rise of a diverse range of digital assets. While all these assets fall under the overarching term “crypto,” their similarities often cease to exist. Each token possesses unique functionalities, representing......

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As our world becomes increasingly digitized, the real estate market, a symbol of stability and investment, finds itself on the brink of transformation. This exploration into asset tokenization traces a chronological path, starting with the early days of blockchain and the inception of Bitcoin then......

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About Us

Inspired by the dynamism of Dubai’s economy and the ever-evolving global landscape, DDX Global’s vision is to support clients who wish to tokenize their global real-world property.

The company aims to enhance opportunities for a wider audience by making high-quality real estate assets available for investment in the form of tokens, which can be easily accessed and traded by global investors.

Real estate tokenization is a process of digitizing traditional real estate assets that can be safely traded on the blockchain without the need of a third party. This improves the liquidity of the property and facilitates the investment opportunity.


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Our team of PR specialists at Bright Level, are globally aligned with journalists from around the world. Should you require more information about DDX Global, please send us an email at: Only media related inquiries will receive a response.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next project launch?

We have held our pre-launch kickoff. We have not officially launched the project yet. We have provided some insight into what participants in our ecosystem can expect in terms of our real estate assets. We attended an event in Dubai (August) and more recently in Budapest (October). To see the projects that we are working on, visit our official YouTube channel here:

What projects are in the pipeline?

We are currently working on 3 iconic projects. The first being Desert Pearl with two further real estate projects in our pipeline. The property projects include land, hotels, apartments and more. We are also working on a programme for a gold-backed token

What is Desert Pearl and where will it be?
  • Desert Pearl is the first real estate tokenization project in the DDX Global pipeline. The project will be constructed in Dubai – the precise location is still being finalized.
  • Desert Pearl is envisaged as a luxury integrated community. It will feature several state-of-the-art amenities and futuristic design elements – all inspired by the rich heritage of the city.
  • In August 2023, we kickstarted the project pre-launch and we are currently working on our White Paper and compliance approval. In parallel, we are finalising the property designs and land discussions.
Who designed Desert Pearl?

We have partnered with Zhuzh Designs who have conceptualized the Desert Pearl and are also working on additional projects that can be seen on our official YouTube. channel. Zhuzh Designs are a luxury architecture and interior design company based in Dubai, with offices in Malaysia, USA and Australia.

Who will the Desert Pearl developer be?

We are still in the project planning phase so these details will be released in due course.

Does the Desert Pearl align with the Dubai Urban plan?

Desert Pearl has been designed from the start to contribute towards some of the goals of the Dubai Urban Plan 2040 and the Dubai Economic Agenda 2033, particularly around the tourism activities and green spaces outcomes. In addition, this project will create extra jobs in the Dubai region.

Will the Desert Pearl project follow a sustainable approach?

Zhuzh Designs envision the project taking a first principles approach to sustainability. Features in the architecture plans include the creation of deep overhangs to mitigate direct sunlight on glazing (reducing solar heat gain), good thermal mass to moderate extreme temperatures and in-slab cooling for more effective temperature management.

The apartments will be designed for cross ventilation when the weather permits, constructed with low carbon steel and concrete, and where possible, the usage of local materials and labour.

Is the design of Desert Pearl final?

Not completely – it will only be final once the land purchase is completed, and full planning approval has been achieved.

What is the timeline for the Desert Pearl project?

In August 2023, we kickstarted the project pre-launch and we are currently working on our White Paper and compliance/full licencing approval.
In parallel, we are finalising the property designs and land purchase discussions.

When will you start selling apartments?

We are planning to start apartment sales next year. Before we can do that, we need to complete the land purchase and ensure all approvals and licenses are in place. We’ll announce the actual date as soon as we are ready to launch sales.

How long is the Desert Pearl minting expected to go on?

This will be defined as part of the White paper that is being written by a specialist consultancy to ensure compliance with VARA regulations.

Why are you marketing the property when the land has not been finalised?

We are sharing the design vision with our community to build awareness and at the same time, we are working on the best site for the land. This is a common strategy for property developers as it speeds up the process of adding value to the land.

Do you sell tokens directly to the public?

Currently DDX Global does not sell directly to the public, although once full licensing is complete with the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA), this may be possible in the future. It is very specific to each project so is treated on a case-by-case basis.

How is Zeniq involved with DDX Global?

The First launchpad ecosystem is based on the Zeniq blockchain. When Desert Pearl tokens are minted (generated) by the launchpad community, they will be stored on the Zeniq blockchain.

Can you explain the numbers ($10bn) we have seen on the internet?
  • The DDX Global long-term plan is to work with multiple partners to raise capital via different channels for multiple projects over the next 3-5 years.
  • The high-level figure presented includes the potential total raised and the potential commissions for the duration of the combined projects.
  • DDX Global are not able to comment on any of our partners/collaborator’s internal sales targets.
How can the token value increase? Do I need to wait until 2029?

The token’s value can increase over time, like real estate projects. DDX Global plans to start selling apartments during 2024, potentially increasing the token’s value. During Q4-2023, we will be defining how the token will work in the White Paper.

What factors can contribute to the increase in the token’s value?
    The details of how the token will behave are being finalized by a specialist consultancy writing the White Paper, but in general terms there are 3 steps:

  • Land before any design or planning is relatively cheap.
  • That same land increases in value once a design has been approved, even without the building.
  • It will increase in value again once the building is completed and operational.

These prices also reflect the state of the real estate market over the timeframe (typically about 5 years), so there are many factors driving the token price.

Does this mean the token will triple in value?

The token value is backed by the project itself, making it asset backed. However, while a guarantee isn’t possible, historically, such tokens tend to maintain or increase in value.

What is Infinity/Fashion Tower?

This is a future project by Zhuzh Designs in the DDX Global project pipeline.
Infinity is planned to be a culmination of Fashion, Art, Culture, Architecture and Ultimate Lifestyle. The plan is to build luxury apartments, a 6-star hotel, several restaurants and entertainment areas based around premium brands.

What is Solace?

Another future project by Zhuzh Designs for DDX Global, Solace is planned to be a 120m mega-yacht that will offer ultimate luxury and privacy.




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DDX Global is a Dubai based tokenization consultancy involved in real estate projects and gold tokenization.

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